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1. With Carmen, Jackie and Dana at Finale 2002

2. When Teddy came to visit Champaign, we showed him around. He took this picture of me and Diego in front of Quad.

Felicity and Hyundock
3. My sister Felicity and her boyfriend, Hyundock.

4. My brother Sean and his girlfriend Hannah

Jaewoo Buried in the Sand
5. This buried baby, Jaewoo is my classmate's son. His father showed me Jaewoo's pictures taken in Korea. This is one of them.

Martha in NY
6. Right before Martha went back to Taiwan, she took a trip to NY. This guy Mike is Eddy's friend.

7. My friend Nancy and her fiancé Ted

8. My friend Woyen and her fiancé, Fai. Awwww...

Roby's Farewell Party
9. We threw a farewell party for Roby at Mandarin Wok on Green St.

Shoji's Party
10. It was the last party at Shoji's house. He already shipped everything to Japan, so the house was totally empty.

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